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Prices offers the lowest prices on the net on all the products we carry; if you can find a lower price on any of the products we carry; We will beat the price of the company who you list and then give you a good amount extra for free; just email Us with a URL of the company who offers it and you will get at least as good of a price as them and extra from us for free!  All products have COA (certificate of analysis) available on them and we have submitted most of our products to Integrated Bio Molecule for independent testing purposes. Any customer who wants to test one of our products via an independent lab service we will be glad to give you store credit for any costs associated with you having the tests done. The only difference between our aniracetam and the stuff that costs $44.95 for 15grams is the price; We are willing to bet that ours is of higher quality then the more expensive stuff and if you'd like to test both of them; we will give you store credit for the costs of the tests.


SMI2LE.BIZ offers fast cheap worldwide shipping.  All orders over $50 ship free.  We ship worldwide; orders to countries besides the U.S. are shipped out via priority air mail service (4-6 days) and shipping is just USD-20 no matter how big your order is.

Payment and Ordering has a secure order process and accepts all major credit cards as well as paypal. We also accept checks/money orders, COD (US Only) and orders over the phone. also accepts Free Market Money including Pecunix, e-gold and 1mdc! Free market money is not tied to governments and central banks; and smi2le believes that you learning about and using it is certainly more important then voting!


SMI2LE is getting in new products every day; check back to our site and see more.

We only stock the best stuff of the highest quality; chances are if we stock it; it is a supplement worth experimenting with; we suggest using google or medline to learn more about the stuff we offer; if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me. We try to respond to all email quickly

30 grams -- $10.70
70 500mg Capsules $17.99
120 grams -- $37.50
90 capsules (35mg picamilon 350mg aniracetam 185mg phosphadityl choline 35%) $29.99

60 grams -- $29.99
180 grams --$69.99

60 grams -- $32.99
240 grams-- $119.99
400 grams-- $179.99

15 Grams -- $9.50
50 grams -- $24.99
75 capsules 50mg picamilon and 90mg l-theanine $17.99
90 capsules 35mg picamilon 350mg aniracetam 185mg phosphadityl choline 35% $29.99

40 grams--$29.99
120 grams--$79.99
75 capsules 140mg pure r-ala per capsule $13.99
225 capsules 140mg pure r-ala per capsule $36.99

15 Grams -- $8.99
60 grams -- $24.99
150 grams -- $49.99

30 grams -- $14.99
200 grams -- $69.99

Buy one get one free!
25 grams--$54.99
10 Grams--$24.99
60 50mg Idebenone 490mg Aniracetam capsules--$24.99
75 capsules 140mg Idebenone (pure no fillers) $29.99

30 grams -- $19.99

Phosphadityl Serine 50%
40 grams -- $33.99
120 grams -- $89.99

300 grams -- $19.99

Choline Bitartrate
250 grams -- $5.49

300 grams -- $12.99
1200 grams -- $34.99

Vinpocetine w/ Vitamin C
400 10mg doses 40 Grams -- $18.25

400 grams -- $8.99

Coral Calcium
250 Grams -- $9.50

454 Grams -- $8.99

20 Grams -- $11.90
80 Grams -- $38.50

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)
150 Grams -- $9.60


Aniracetam, Picamilon, Phosphadityl Choline.

90 capsules---(350mg Aniracetam,185mg phosphadityl choline,35mg picamilon per capsule)

We will soon be offering several more nootropic formulas; Check back to the website regularly.

CUSTOM FORMULAS will soon be offering custom formulas of all the products we sell, check back to our website regularly to see what new products we offer.

Oxiracetam,, Alpha GPC, MSM, homozon,vitamin c, Sulbutiamine,benfotiamine ,more


Join our mailing list.  All you have to do is type your email and click submit; we will only contact you a few times a month at most; you'll be updated on new products and we plan to offer many specials including custom products and bulk ingredients; only to the people on our mailing list; so sign up today; let us know you're interested and get the lowest priced specials whenever they're available.....

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SMI2LE is currently seeking funds to expand our inventory and purchase more equipment. If you would like benefits; such as free smart drugs and extremely high interest rates and the ability to cash out anytime by buying stuff from our site/store. Please contact me. We could really use the help and would be very grateful to all who invest with us.


Evolution can be accelerated. Individual Freedom is the key to evolution. Evolution can not be stopped no matter how hard they try. Think for yourself, question authority, order now from and accelerate your evolution.  

Artificial Intelligence is an oxymoron. It's like "military intelligence".


If someone is against you increasing your intelligence; then who/what are they for?


Backorders have been shipped and our new website and order process is coming soon. We are in stock and shipping all products next business day except for R-lipoic acid and sulbutiamine which will be shipped as soon as they come in. Special: Order 4 of any product and get 1 free; Order 10 of any product and get 3 free. (Note: Except for Idebenone and L-Theanine which are buy one get one free and buy 2 get one free) Check back soon for our new website with many new products.

SMI2LE open for .bizness!

Products Available for immediate shipment:

Aniracetam,Picamilon,Idebenone,R-ALA,L-theanine,phenibut.,centrophenoxine,pyritinol,5-htp ,sulbutiamine,creatine monohydrate,vinpocetine,gaba,choline bitartrate,phosphadityl serine, alpha lipoic acid, m4ohn,methyldienolone, piracetam, k-rala,acetyl-l-carnitine,empty gelatin capsules.  Ask us about a custom combination powder/capsule containing these products.

Products Coming very soon:

Vitamin C, MSM,Coral Calcium (above sea), Coral Calcium (below sea),Pregnenolone;pyrodoxamine,procaine,chorella,spirulina,nac,milk thistle,oxiracetam, more custom combination and formulas containing the products we have.

Products Coming Sometime in the next 30 days:

Alpha GPC,benfotiamine, kava kava,chocamine,Pramiracetam, fish oil powder, flax oil powder, ginkgo biloba, phosphadityl choline, huperzine-a,rhodiola rosea, samE, vitamins, minerals, orotates, many more...

Products on the horizon:

Korphedon,   and many more; including vitamins and "super foods"... send us your request; we can acquire any nutrient in bulk form for you within 2-3 weeks. 

We have gotten a date of August for acquiring pramiracetam in bulk form from several suppliers as they're are places producing it right now; we have not gotten a firm price from any of them about how much it will cost; but it's likely to be a lot more then aniracetam is costing from us.  If you sign up to our mailing list we will be offering a "pre order special" for people who pay for their pramiracetam at the same time we pay for ours. This will probably be the only way to get this item for very cheap.  So sign up to our mailing list if you're interested in pramiracetam that isn't extremely expensive.

The first and only source on the net for custom combinations of smart drugs, nootropics, vitamins, omega-3 powders,neurotransmitters etc.

Why buy 10-20 different vitamins and pills when you can use and get ultra low prices on your own custom combination powder or capsule product.'s is for real; we will die painfully before we will sell out;  we are here to stay and we don't plan on getting greedy or otherwise screwing with our mission objectives. Rock-bottom prices and bringing nootropics to the other 99.9% of the planet; with our custom formulas; we are here for the duration.

Smart drugs; nootropics, and brain nutrients have not caught on in the same way fat loss/muscle gain "cosmetic" products have.  Side-effect laden prescription drugs have caught on in a big way; and it seems everyone is prescribed something to "fix" stuff that's "wrong" with them.  But making yourself smarter/happier/better/more intelligent by doing the research and investigation yourself is not something that generally happens.  There are several reasons for this; correcting these problems is one of the main reasons why we are in business.

1. High Cost or Unavailability of Products.

The Good "nootropics" have been unavailable in north america without paying high prices from overseas pharmacies.  Recently some american companies have been offering them for sale; but most are at prices similar to the European pharmacies. plans on offering wholesale bulk powder prices on all these items.  What used to cost $30.00 for a month supply; should now cost $5.00 from; as we up our volumes and order more products prices will decrease further.  There are alot of products which are worthwhile but simply are not worth the price that is charged in stores or at some high priced sites.  For example Aniracetam; costed $60 plus shipping for 40 capsules (30 grams of aniracetam) from the main American distributor when we opened our doors.  It costs at least $40 for 20 capsules from all the European pharmacies.(google for aniracetam)  For $37 from you can buy 120 grams of aniracetam (more then 160 750mg capsules) thats a more then 4x reduction in the price vs. the American supplier and a larger reduction in price from the european pharmacies. We plan to do this to every major smart drug and nootropic, as well as "smart foods" supplements, omega 3 powders, msm,coral calcium,creatine,amino acids etc.   Idebenone one of our favorite nutrients/smart drugs; is available in bottles of 40-50 capsules containing 45-50mg idebenone for $22-$45 online (do a search yourself).  That is a total of 2.5 grams of idebenone for $30.  We currently offer 25 grams of idebenone for $54.99  If you would like smaller amounts of this amazing nutrient, let us know. Visit our PRODUCTS PAGE to see what we offer/plan to offer.

2.Extreme inconvenience of taking multiple products (vitamins,supplements,nutrients,nootropics) and the high costs of all of these combined.

Taking nootropics/smart drugs/vitamins/supplements tends to get ugly quickly. The ones that work require that you take other vitamins to help them; and all of them tend to be synergistic with other products which you would have to buy and then take at the same time.  In the end you've spent $250.00 on 10 different supplements and now have to take a soup of pills and powders in order to get the maximum benefits. will soon be allowing anyone to make their own custom mixtures of the products we sell, and we are going to offer several pre-mixed powders of various nutrients/supplements.  Previously attempts to increase your well being and intelligence through the use of nootropics and vitamins was a laborious process.  Now you can buy a wholesale bulk powder containing all the ingredients that you wish to use in the desired amounts pre-mixed together.  You'll only have to take one powder or pill and you'll be paying 5x less.  Previously you had to buy piracetam,vinpocetine,lucidril,idebenone,fish oil powder,choline,hydergine,picamilon add up the cost of each of these products and then try to manage taking them all!  Soon with you can combine them all into one wholesale priced powder and only have one product to take and/or worry about.  Smart drug users tend to have to read more books and do more shopping then doctors/psychiatrists who prescribe medications to others. Our Custom Products page will allow you to easily design your own custom product and possibly make a profit from it; look at our Bulk ordering page for details.

3. Smart drugs and nootropics have not been taken in the proper ways with the proper "extras" needed to make them work properly.

We are working on our own original "smi2le" formula which will include a large bundle of smart drugs (piracetam,aniracetam,pramiracetam, idebenone,picamilon,vinpocetine,phosphadityl choline,ginkgo biloba,5-htp,l-theanine,fish oil powder,r-alpha-lipoic acid, alc, etc. ) We would combine this with other powdered products such as coral calcium,creatine, msm,chorella,homozon and give instructions on how to properly get the most from the combination/program.  We will keep marketing to a minimum and allow people who wish to fully document their experience with custom product(s) to try them for free as long as we can use their information and get updates on how the program and progress goes.   If you know alot about how these things work and wish to make your own custom product(s) with instructions we will be allowing you to do so; and possibly make some money from doing just that.  The smart drugs tend to work only if you have all the other vitamins and dietary things in line; we have found several combinations which are undeniably powerful and give amazing results.  We will have more information on this as time goes by; but rest assured those who weren't interested in these products WILL BE INTERESTED; when they come across the right combination.  Being more intelligent; more creative and happier is an experience that should be spread to as many people as possible.  The more it spreads the cheaper the products will become.

4. If the prices are ever good (which is rare; only 2 sites that we know of besides and we beat them both on every product); then they expect you to weigh capsule and combine all ingredients yourself.

This we believe is going to be the biggest attraction to us in the future; if its available in bulk powder form; if there are 10 different vitamins/nootropics which you'd like to take as part of a "program"; then smi2le will combine all those into one product and put that product into capsules if you desire; if you  buy enough of your custom product; you will pay very close to the same price as you pay for the individual powders in bulk. If you're willing to put up significant capital towards the making of a large amount of your custom combination product; you can have yours for free and we will sell the rest on our website giving you a portion of the profits. Taking 12 different vitamins/smart drugs is nice when you're writing it all down about what you plan to take or what should be taken with what; but in practice almost no one follows such a plan for any length of time.  Having all those nootropics/vitamins combined into one capsuled product is what it will take for most people to follow thru on such a program.

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How come you guys are pricing your stuff so cheap?

We are buying most products directly in bulk; and we have no middleman and no one else but us does everything.  Other places buy products from one place to re-sell them. Or buy ingredients from one place and then contract manufacturers to bottle/label/package them and then re-sell them to stores and everyone along the way has to get paid.  We are buying everything direct and selling direct.  Instead of spending time/money/energy on marketing we are offering great value and plan on getting most of our business through word of mouth.  Every product we sell has a certificate of analysis which you can request from us.  If you have any other questions on our products we'd be glad to answer 'em; basically their are a lot of people making healthy margins in this industry that want you to believe things cost more then they do; that is the gist of it; and yes we are able to make a profit at the prices we sell our items for; so tell your friends and help us out!

Do you guys take the products you sell?

Yes; When we have more items in stock; we plan on selling combination powders that we take ourselves as well. Someday we'll be smart enough to correct the spelling and grammar on this site.

What's the purity/COA of the various products you offer?

Aniracetam--99.75% pure VIEW COA

You can request additional information on every product we sell; just let us know. We have nothing to hide, and would be glad to share test results with you; if you are interested in such things.

What are your shipping policies/procedures?

Shipping to addresses in the U.S.A.

There are currently two methods of shipping.  Budget shipping is $5 for orders under $50 and FREE on orders over $50. Priority shipping is $10 on any order up to $200 and FREE for orders over $200. Priority shipping is generally trackable and should arrive at your door in 2-3 business days after you order. Budget shipping is generally untrackable and can take up to 10 business days to arrive; though many times its quicker; we ask that if you want your package quickly to pay for priority as we could use the money!  If you want to save money or get free shipping on a smaller order choose budget; Shipping is currently done either thru USPS or UPS; with budget we choose the cheapest shipping method; with priority we choose the cheapest method that will get to you within 3 days. Sometimes these two are the same; most of the time they're not.  More shipping options such as FedEx and choosing exactly how your package gets shipped are coming soon.  If you have a special request as far as how you want your order shipped e-mail us and we'll probably be able to do it.

Shipping to any country in the world.

We also ship overseas to almost any country in the world. Your package is shipped via global priority(if available) or airmail and shipping is $20 no matter what size order. We cannot guarantee shipping times on international shipments; but they typically take 3-5 days to major countries; but up to 1 month on occasion to some countries. We will soon offer trackable guaranteed shipping for international shipments; but it will be expensive; so we'd probably recommend taking the risk and getting products via airmail.

What is the deal with the "custom products thing" can I get custom products in capsules instead of powder? allows you to design your own custom product. You get bigger discounts for buying more of the custom product at once.  Any product we sell we can also put into capsules for you.  We currently do not have enough equipment to package capsules in high quantity; and thus cannot yet offer deep discounts on them; but we will offer them on any custom product you wish to have.   We are in the process of buying more lab equipment including automatic and semi-automatic capsule filling machines at which time the prices of products in capsules will get closer to the prices of the raw powder forms. If you want to make $5,000.00 or more of your own custom products and pay in advance for them; we will sell them to you at a *very* large discount and give you the option of letting us sell them for you to others; this means if you know what you're doing with customizing a product and letting others know where to find it; you should easily be able to make a profit or at the least get your products free for yourself and your friends/family.

S.M.I2.L.E.BIZ.2004    Think for Yourself, Question Authority, Order Now!