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Prices offers the lowest prices on the net on all the products we carry; if you can find a lower price on any of the products we carry; We will beat the price of the company who you list and then give you a good amount extra for free; just email Us with a URL of the company who offers it and you will get at least as good of a price as them and extra from us for free!  All products have COA (certificate of analysis) available on them and we have submitted most of our products to Integrated Bio Molecule for independent testing purposes. Any customer who wants to test one of our products via an independent lab service we will be glad to give you store credit for any costs associated with you having the tests done. The only difference between our aniracetam and the stuff that costs $44.95 for 15grams is the price; We are willing to bet that ours is of higher quality then the more expensive stuff and if you'd like to test both of them; we will give you store credit for the costs of the tests.


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We only stock the best stuff of the highest quality; chances are if we stock it; it is a supplement worth experimenting with; we suggest using google or medline to learn more about the stuff we offer; if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me. We try to respond to all email quickly

30 grams -- $10.70
70 500mg Capsules $17.99
120 grams -- $37.50
90 capsules (35mg picamilon 350mg aniracetam 185mg phosphadityl choline 35%) $29.99

60 grams -- $29.99
180 grams --$69.99

60 grams -- $32.99
240 grams-- $119.99
400 grams-- $179.99

15 Grams -- $9.50
50 grams -- $24.99
75 capsules 50mg picamilon and 90mg l-theanine $17.99
90 capsules 35mg picamilon 350mg aniracetam 185mg phosphadityl choline 35% $29.99

40 grams--$29.99
120 grams--$79.99
75 capsules 140mg pure r-ala per capsule $13.99
225 capsules 140mg pure r-ala per capsule $36.99

15 Grams -- $8.99
60 grams -- $24.99
150 grams -- $49.99

30 grams -- $14.99
200 grams -- $69.99

Buy one get one free!
25 grams--$54.99
10 Grams--$24.99
60 50mg Idebenone 490mg Aniracetam capsules--$24.99
75 capsules 140mg Idebenone (pure no fillers) $29.99

30 grams -- $19.99

Phosphadityl Serine 50%
40 grams -- $33.99
120 grams -- $89.99

300 grams -- $19.99

Choline Bitartrate
250 grams -- $5.49

300 grams -- $12.99
1200 grams -- $34.99

Vinpocetine w/ Vitamin C
400 10mg doses 40 Grams -- $18.25

400 grams -- $8.99

Coral Calcium
250 Grams -- $9.50

454 Grams -- $8.99

20 Grams -- $11.90
80 Grams -- $38.50

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)
150 Grams -- $9.60


Aniracetam, Picamilon, Phosphadityl Choline.

90 capsules---(350mg Aniracetam,185mg phosphadityl choline,35mg picamilon per capsule)

We will soon be offering several more nootropic formulas; Check back to the website regularly.

CUSTOM FORMULAS will soon be offering custom formulas of all the products we sell, check back to our website regularly to see what new products we offer.

Oxiracetam,, Alpha GPC, MSM, homozon,vitamin c, Sulbutiamine,benfotiamine ,more


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We also plan on coming out with all of these products in capsule form for a low price sometime before November; and have several new products planned;


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A COA is available on all of our products.  All products are high purity and  we guarantee the same or better purity then the other more expensive products; the competition just wants more money then us for the same products; that is all there is to it.  Ask the competition where their COA is.


We currently ask that you use google/yahoo/medline to find out more information about the products we sell.  We encourage you to find more about the items we are offering; there is a reason we carry the items we do; and its not because these items are easy to find; or have a lot of interested wealthy buyers;  We are currently focused on offering value and not marketing or lengthy product/sales information; Combining several of the products we offer makes an extremely potent nootropic regimen.

We plan to eventually seperate the products we offer into categories and give each product its own webpage with more detailed information about it; but are keeping the site simple right now and catering to customers who will look up information about the products on their own.  It is probably better to look up information from search engines rather then the site that is selling the product. We do plan to offer more information about our products soon.

Aniracetam (5-10 times more powerful then "piracetam")

Aniracetam is a "nootropic" which generally means it enhances the brain without side effects. It is in the same family/similar to piracetam but is generally regarded as 5 times stronger and having a better and more wide range of effects.  Human studies have shown aniracetam to improve scores on a number of intelligence and memory tests. Aniracetam has been shown to have a neuroprotective effect on the brain and also help with immune function, and to increase resistance to infections.  Some studies have shown aniracetam to be the most potent of the 'racetam family when comparing piracetam,oxiracetam,pramiracetam,etc at recovering the cognitive functions of mice.  Aniracetam may also increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.  It is said to enhance communication between hemispheres of the brain, some subjective effects include a more fluid and easier creativity(the ideas seem to come quicker and easier); and a feeling like you "woke up your brain"(you notice your intelligence and how much power/ability you have over your environment).

Doses range from 300mg-1500mg; we have capsules in 500mg which allows you to take a normal (500mg) ; large (1000mg) or once-a-day dose (1500mg)....We recommend 1000mg per day for maximum benefits.

Typical suggestions of how to take aniracetam include combining aniracetam with a choline product (alpha-gpc, phosphadityl choline,centrophenoxine etc) some have suggested taking omega 3 fat's with it.

Aniracetam has not been shown to have any significant side effects;although it should be avoided by people with severe liver problems;  some people have suggested it could be "excitotoxic" if used frequently at large doses. This is speculation and is unproven.   Idebenone fights excitotoxins; and mixes well with aniracetam.   Aniracetam will use up choline in the brain more so a choline supplement or centrophenoxine would be required to replenish this. Some people have gotten good results combining vinpocetine/picamillon/hydergine (pick 1; or pick 2 at low doses) with it as well; be careful when combining alot of potent nootropics. In our opinion and according to some others and some studies; Aniracetam works about 5-10x better when combined with picamilon;choline;idebenone; 

Until we came along the going rate for aniracetam was at least $2.00 per gram. Most retailers are still asking this much; (though they'll probably have to lower the price at some point).

120 grams powder -- $37.50

70 500mg capsules -- $17.99

30 grams powder -- $10.75

240 grams powder  -- $69.99 (free shipping)

We are working on combination capsuled products containing aniracetam with several other products; let us know what you'd want.

Idebenone (one of our favorites)

Idebenone typically sells in capsules/tablets for $20-$40 for around 2 grams. It combines well with aniracetam; alpha-lipoic-acid; omega 3's and l-theanine/5-htp. Idebenone is a derivative of COQ-10.  COQ-10 is powerful and idebenone has all the benefits of coq-10 but in addition; unlike COQ-10 it can't become a pro-oxidant under heavy stress/exercise;  it is known for being a potent anti-oxidant and fighting excito-toxins which come from use of some drugs/nutrients and use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame.  (Combined with 5-htp; and r-alpha-lipoic acid it may eliminate alot of damage from the use of drugs such as MDMA and stimulants).   Idebenone is everything COQ-10 is but in addition it has very strong neuroprotective and nootropic properties;including increasing nerve growth factor;serotonin and possibly dopamine!; It is an extremely potent anti-oxidant; and free radical destroyer; The main (only?) reason its not more popular is due to its extremely high cost. This stuff is amazing and we predict it may become the biggest thing on the supplement/vitamin market in the next 10 years.  Safe for old people and helps cardiovascular health; it has no side effects or contraindications at the recommended dosages.  A suggested serving is 30-60mg but many people take serving of 150mg and more....Now Foods offers 400mg capsules of COQ-10; so you could do this much with no problem....this stuff could become the biggest thing on the supplement/vitamin market in the next 10 years.  A typical serving is 45mg but some people take up to 150mg or more at a time. We don't know of bad effects from taking that much but highest value for money is probably in taking 30-50mg at a time.  We now offer capsules of Idebenone; our capsules are cheaper then anyone else's by about 3 to 1 and they are also cheaper then any other companies bulk powders of idebenone.

Idebenone 25 grams powder -- $54.99 (free shipping; buy one get one free)

Idebenone 60 capsules -- 50 mg Idebenone 490mg Aniracetam----$26.99

Idebenone 75 capsules -- 140mg Idebenone -- $29.99  (new lower price)

Idebenone 10 grams powder -- $24.99 (buy one get one free)

We are planning several more capsuled products which contain idebenone; if you have a particular request or just want to purchase a smaller amount; give us an email. We will offer idebenone in smaller sized capsules soon; let us know if you're interested in this and we could offer right away.

Centrophenoxine (sometimes sold under brand name "lucidril" also called "Meclofenoxate")

Sold under the brand name lucidril centrophenoxine is usually sold in 250mg tablets. It's about $33(plus shipping) for  15grams. It has been called a better source of choline/dmae then choline or dmae.  It has some amazing properties; We now have some in stock!

Centrophenoxine 15 Grams Powder -- $8.99

Centrophenoxine 60 grams powder -- $24.99

Centrophenoxine 150 grams powder -- $49.99

R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid (several times stronger then "alpha-lipoic-acid")

Now in Stock. ALA- Alpha lipoic acid has been found to be an amazing nutrient for so many reasons.  Recent research has found that all the good effects of Alpha-lipoic-acid come from the r-isomer, and the normal alpha lipoic acid which includes half r-ala;  the other half; the l-isomer might actually hurt some of the potent good effects of the r-isomer.  R-ALA is amazing but high price has kept it from becoming more popular.  R-ALA is typically sold in capsules for $20-$35 for 3 grams. 100mg is the typical dose of a capsule; but most studies have used higher doses. Is synergistic with creatine, (helps shuttle it to cells), Acetyl-l-carnitine,idebenone,and others. It's used in low-carb diets to get into ketosis alot quicker.  It's a potent anti-oxidant and is allegedly neuro-protective; one study showed that when drugs which produce toxic effects were taken with R-ALA; 100% of the toxic effects disappeared. (neuroreport 11/99) R-ALA combines well with acetyl-l-carnitine, idebenone/coq-10,creatine and others.  We have also gotten good results with adding in 5-htp and l-theanine with it.  ALA and ALC were put on the map when several studies showed that they kept old rats working/thinking/exercising like young rats. Due to high prices humans weren't able to replicate the 500mg-1gram equivalent doses that the rats took per day; so it was sold in lower amounts and taken but probably without the same benefits of the higher doses. We now have r-ala in capsules at the lowest price on the 'net....Our r-ala is over 99% pure was manufactured in april of 2004 and is now refrigerated.

R-ALA -- 40 grams powder -- $29.99

R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid R-ALA -- 120 grams powder -- $79.99 (free shipping)

R-ALA-- 75 capsules 140mg per capsule -- $13.99

R-ALA -- 225 capsules 140mg per capsules --$36.99


If you are interested in custom combination capsules with R-ALA in it; please let us know.  We may also start carrying regular alpha-lipoic-acid; it's at best 50% as good as r-ala; but it's more then 4x cheaper for us to buy; let us know if you're interested in ultra-cheap plain ALA; or if you want a large/bulk amount of R-ALA.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (the value version of the amazing anti-oxidant)

Alpha Lipoic acid is 1/2 r-ala and so is probably almost half as good as r-ala. Some who sell r-ala claim that r-ala is 4-10 times better because the other half of regular ALA is bad; but among those who don't sell it; very few believe this information and most think r-ala would be worth getting if it was only twice as much as regular ala; but it costs more then 4 times as much; so ALA is for the bargain hunters among you.

Alpha-Lipoic-Acid 100 grams powder $18.99 (comes in a plastic bottle)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid 400 grams powder $59.99 (comes in 4 plastic bottles)

Potassium-R-Lipoic Acid (the premium blend)

K-Rala is a proprietary version of r-ala; made in and shipped in the U.S. it is easier for us to get and offer; but it is more expensive then regular r-ala.  It modifies r-ala so that it won't degrade under heat/light and will be easier to blend with other products. R-ala seems to have problems if it's not stored properly and is a difficult material to work with all around. Although we have been of the opinion that these problems were exaggerated. the manufacturer of K-RLA has been very agreeable with us; and it doesn't cost that much more then the regular r-ala; K-RLA has none of the problems of regular r-ala; it will not degrade or lose quality; it would be fine to leave in your cabinet for the next couple years; and is available to those who would like the best form of r-ala and are willing to pay a little more to be assured they are getting the best. We plan on making many custom products that contain K-Rala and plan to switch our capsules over to contain k-rala after we run out of our current stock.

K-RALA -- 40 Grams powder $39.99

K_RALA -- 120 Grams powder $104.99


Note: K-RALA is a trademark of Geronova Research; All our K-Rala comes from Geronova Research.


An amazing amino; contained in small amounts in green tea; l-theanine increases relaxation while simultaneously increasing focus and concentration. It naturally increases levels of GABA and Dopamine in the brain.  It is sometimes used with caffeine or other stimulants to help lessen side effects; it is said that is why green tea rarely gives the jitters typical of other teas and coffee. It has not caught on in the mainstream due to high prices of products containing it; usually around $20 for 6 grams (60--100mg capsules). Some are now discounting it on the net for a little over $1 per gram (Plus shipping).

L-Theanine 60 grams powder --- $29.99 (Buy two get one free!!)

L-theanine (theanine) 180 grams powder -- $69.99 (buy two get one free!!)

L-theanine with picamilon in capsules-- l-theanine 90mg picamilon 50mg 75 capsules -- $17.99



Picamilon---15 Grams (300 50mg doses)-- $9.50

Picamilon---50 grams (1000 50mg doses) -- $24.99

Picamilon---capsules 50mg picamilon and 90mg l-theanine -- $17.99

Capsules Coming soon; 50mg Picamilon combined with other items that we sell; and other items we are acquiring; please send your requests to and we'll probably offer exactly what is requested.


Phenibut also sold under the brand name "gabatropin" is a russian studied nootropic which lowers stress and has a tranquilizing effect while simultaneously increasing focus and concentration.  The recommendations from the formulator of the brand name product are:

As an adaptogen/anti-catabolic it can be taken in a dose of 500mg's a day (2 250mg doses); It's recommended to use it this way in cycles of 2-6 weeks.

Another method is to consume a large dose (1-2 grams) all at once.  This purpose would be to combat acute stress and nervousness or to maximize mental acuity and clarity for a specific task.  It's recommended not to be taken this way more then 2 days in a row or three times per week.

Gabatropin comes in bottles of 60 capsules containing a total of 15 grams phenibut for $33-$59. 


Note: Phenibut combats stress and anxiety extremely well; but if you go above the recommended dosage; it could have unpredictable effects; including dizziness, getting sick and a hangover.  Phenibuts effects are generally noticeable pretty quickly but don't reach their full effect for 1-2 hours. Some people think they are "back to normal" a few hours later when they get used to it; Phenibut lasts longer then this and repeated dosing can have unpredictable consequences; please use caution and wise judgment with powerful supplements like phenibut. We strongly discourage anyone from ever taking more then 2 grams at the same time of phenibut; if you think you need that high of a dose; take less then 2 grams and wait an hour and take a little more; but try not to take more then 2 grams at once. Phenibut may be healthy for brain function when used sporadically when needed; increasing levels of certain neurotransmitters and having a protective effect on some things; when its used in lower dosages to combat stress and anxiety; or to help spare muscle tissue; it may positively effect brain chemistry when used in these ways.  Do not use this product more then 15 grams per week or it may negatively impact your brain chemistry and overall well being. Some people use it to help them get better sleep; such people should watch their dosing carefully;  more then 2 grams before sleep will not be helpful in our opinion (1 gram is more then enough) and could result in you waking up 3 hours later feeling slightly dizzy and not being able to get back to sleep. YMMV; but these warnings are real and we are not exaggerating. Some people have already used the compound a lot more then 15grams per week without any very apparent negative effects; though we think they will show up if you do too much enough times; it doesn't appear to be very "addictive" but anything that works as well as it does is likely to be habit forming if you are not careful. Those who use it too often seem to need a lot more of the phenibut to achieve the same effects; this is not a good idea and you should use this powerful material only when needed/desired. You should keep track of how much you use it if you like it alot and not exceed our current recommendations. The most phenibut users seem to be hanging out at and discussing things at this website; read the current messages before you get involved in the discussion; please.

Phenibut--60 grams -- $32.99

Phenibut--240 grams -- $119.99

Phenibut--400 grams -- $179.99

Phenibut capsules 60 600mg capsules --$26.99


Combination products containing phenibut; coming soon; please send us your requests.


Pyritinol--30 grams -- $14.99

Pyritinol--200 grams -- $69.99



5-HTP--30 grams -- $19.99

Phosphadityl Serine 50%

Phosphadityl Serine 50% powder contains 50% PS plus other related nutrients including phosphadityl choline.  The current cheapest price on the net (before us) sells 50 grams of 20% PS which contains 10 grams of PS  for $25.25 plus shipping; (over $2.50 per gram).  Most places sell it for at least 3x that price. We sell Phosphadityl-Serine 50% (Serin-Aid) for $33.99 for 40 Grams or $89.99 for 120 Grams which contains 60 grams PS( a little under $1.50 a gram). Phosphadityl Serine is usually used at dosages of 100mg-300mg a day. There is a lot of information out the net about phosphadityl serine and we currently recommend you use google or medline to learn more about it.

Phosphadityl Serine 50% -- 40 Grams -- $33.99

Phosphadityl Serine 50% -- 40 Grams -- $89.99


The Most Popular Nootropic/Smart Drug; at the lowest price on the net.


Piracetam -- 400 Grams -- $8.99


Sometimes combined with r-ala; Has a lot of interesting properties.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine 300 Grams -- $19.99


Gaba 300 Grams -- $12.99

Gaba 1200 Grams -- $34.99


Vinpocetine 10% with Vitamin C 90%

Contains 400 10mg doses of vinpocetine; each 100mg contains 10mg vinpocetine and 90mg vitamin C.

Vinpo-C 40 Grams -- $18.25

Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate 250 Grams -- $5.49

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular supplements sold today. Although it has mostly been used by people wanting to increase athletic abilities such as strength; recent research has shown that creatine also has a very positive effect on the brain as well. An excellent supplement!

Creatine Monohydrate 99% 300 grams -- $5.25



Sulbutiamine; we are the first to offer sulbutiamine in bulk form or for a decent price.   Described as being like hydergine only better. Facilitates wakefulness, improves long-term memory, speeds reaction time. decreases anxiety. Some good information on it is available on old messages on available from google groups as well as this website that also sells it....but buy it from us please ;)...We plan to have a lot more information on this compound and custom formulas which contain it; including a caffeine free energy formula as well as one that contains  chocamine (a product we plan on adding soon to our catalog). We plan on using it ourselves and doing other tests/ getting more feedback and then will have more information about it. We are excited to be the first to put this product into the hands of those on a budget. This is an exciting/interesting compound but due to very few sellers offering it; information is not as easily available about it compared to the other compounds we offer; but it is definitely out there if you look harder.   Sulbutiamine is also put into a product called "ravive" sold as a "rave recovery formula" and a formula for people who need to "recover after a hard night on the town" that is apparently extremely popular in france; as that's where most of our requests for this product came from.  You need to take 5 tablets to get 200mg of sulbutiamine and they sell a bottle of 60 tablets for $30.00. Sulbutiamine has been generally available under the name arcalion; the lowest placed price on the net was charging about $4 per gram; most wanted more then double that price. We'll let you know if they change their prices ;).

Sulbutiamine 30 Grams (150 200mg doses) $19.99

Sulbutiamine 120 Grams (600 200mg doses) $54.99

Inquire about larger amounts or combo products which will contain sulbutiamine in them.


These products are only available for a limited time and will not be a part of our product line after we sell out of them. Please visit this page for more information about our prohormone offerings. We have selected the prohormones that we carry because they give the strongest effects and don't seem to show any/many of the side effects of many of the other prohormones. Methyl-Di has been called a "winstrol-like" compound; and M4OHN has been describe as being "deca-like"; If you have no idea what we are talking about; these products are probably not for you. We are not making any sorts of claims for these products other then that they are genuine; and that we currently have the best price on them. They are all going to be unavailable in a few months regardless of whether they prove to have side effects or not. We were going to mix the powders with K-RALA but decided to offer a better value powder for the time being; it is likely we will increase prices when our stock gets lower; or just stop offering these compounds when we run out of our current supply. Save 50-95% by buying from us and making your own capsules.

Methyl-Di (also sold as "methyl-d" "methyldienolone" and "methyl-dien")

Methyl-Di 2% Vitamin C and Fillers 98% ---150 Grams powder contains 3 grams methyldienolone

50mg is a serving containing 1mg methyldienolone

Methyl-Di 2%--300 1mg doses 15 grams powder---$17.99

Methyl-Di 2% 3,000 1mg doses 150 grams powder--$99.99

Methyl-Di -- 10 grams of Methyl-di powder---$209.99

If you are interested in reselling this material or buying very large amounts of methyldienolone; please e-mail us.

You should be an experienced researched with your own scale to purchase these products. If you are going to ingest them; you do so on your own and should consult your own doctor; be of sound mind body; not be pregnant; under 21 or have any health problems. We are selling them for research purposes only and you are responsible for yourself if you choose to ingest them.  If you sell or give them to someone else you are fully 100% responsible for them and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens.

No prohormones are sold as a dietary supplement and we make no claims about them.  If you are an idiot; please don't buy these items from us.

17a-methyl-4-hydroxy nandrolone (also sold as "oxanavar" and "m4ohn")

17a-methyl-4-hydroxy nandrolone 2% Vitamin C and fillers 98%--100 grams powder contains 2 grams 17-methyl-4-hydroxy nandrolone

200mg is a serving containing 4mg of m4ohn.

m4ohn (17a-methyl-4-hydroxy nandrolone) 2% 75 4mg doses 15 grams powder---$19.99

m4ohn (17a-methyl-4-hydroxy nandrolone)  2% 750 4mg doses 150 grams powder---$114.99

m4ohn (17a-methyl-4-hydroxy nandrolone) 10 grams powder---$249.99

If you are interested in reselling this material or buying very large amounts of pure m4ohn please e-mail us.

You should be an experienced researched with your own scale to purchase these products. If you are going to ingest them; you do so on your own and should consult your own doctor; be of sound mind body; not be pregnant; under 21 or have any health or liver problems. We are selling them for research purposes only and you are responsible for yourself if you choose to ingest them.  If you sell or give them to someone else you are fully 100% responsible for them and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens.

No prohormones are sold as a dietary supplements and we make no claims about them.  If you are an idiot; please don't buy these items from us.

Androstetrione (Androst-4-ene-3,6,17-trione also sold as the brand "6-OXO")

Androstetrione is usually sold under the brand name 6-OXO and goes for somewhere between $35-$55 for 6 grams. The capsules contain 100mg each but a serving is listed as 3 capsules or 300mg.  We sell this in a bulk powder form undiluted and without any fillers. Save 50% by getting it from us and capping it yourself.

Androst-4-ene-3,6,17-trione 30 grams powder -- $79.99

This product is the active ingredient of the product known/sold as "6-OXO" though we are not making any claims about it other then what you are buying is androst-4-ene-3,6,17-trione in a powder form.  If you are interested in reselling this material as 6-OXO and making claims about it; please contact the people at this website.  We do not currently offer deeper discounts on larger amounts.

Empty Gelatin Capsules

We now sell empty capsules; we hope to offer capsule machines which are superior to the "cap-em-quik" devices soon; but right now you'll need such a device to fill these capsules. They are available for $10-$15 from some of our competitors.  Most of our bulk powders we recommend putting into capsule form or combining with other things you take and making your own formula and putting that into capsules. We have the lowest price on bulk capsules; we are the only place that sells them for less then a penny each! and if you order enough of them you of course can take advantage of our free shipping.

1 bag of 2,000 size OO empty gelatin capsules---$17.49

1 bag of 2,000 size O empty gelatin capsules -- $14.99


An Amino Acid that is a very strong antioxidant and has some very interesting anti-aging/Life extension properties. It was called "the most important life extension compound"; by the life extension foundation; (who also sell it though;) it is a very well respected and researched compound with a lot of health benefits........more info available by searching the net;

L-Carnosine 40 Grams $18.99

L-Carnosine 120 Grams $45.99

MSM (now available)


MSM an amazing health promoting nutrient. Now available from SMI2LE at the lowest price on the web.


MSM 454 Grams (1 pound) -- $8.99


Vitamin C (now available)


Vitamin C!

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) -- 200 Grams -- $3.29



Chorella an amazing super food. Search on it to find out more.


Chorella 200 Grams -- $8.50

Pyridoxamine DiHydroChloride

More info coming soon...(UTFSE) Our Pyridoxamine is supplied to us from Geronova research corporation who may have more experience purifying this compound then other labs who are charging less. We still have the lowest price out there on it.  We may buy it from another source and be able to offer a better price if it sells really well..or maybe we will just haggle with them when we have the volume.


20 Grams -- $11.90

80 Grams -- $38.50

Coral Calcium

An Overhyped? Overpriced? version of Calcium with some very interesting properties that may make it very worthwhile to take. We like it enough to have bought large amounts so we can supply it for a decent price.  Most places on the net are charging a 10-100x mark up of what the stuff costs; Some ethically challenged tv infomercials are charging even more and alot of suckers are being taken in.  Get it from SMI2LE or get ripped off. There is some debate about whether "Above Sea" or "Below Sea" Coral is better; we sell both for the same price and are going to stay out of such debate; you can go to and come up with an answer for yourself. The below sea has a "sea" smell and was harder to acquire and is apparently a little less popular but has a group of people who like it better; we paid the same for both of them.

Eco-Pure 100% Above Sea Okinawa Coral Calcium 250 Grams -- $9.50

Coral Calcium (Below Sea Coral) 250 Grams -- $9.50

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine


NAC is a powerful sulphur containing antioxidant. Compare our low price to others!


NAC 150 Grams Powder -- $9.60


Piracetam and related compounds require a presence of steroid hormones of which pregnenolone seems to be the best; If you don't have enough hormones then your other nootropics won't work. Pregnenolone has loads of other benefits too and is a smart drug in its own right. Search for more info on it.  A dose is typically 50mg;

Pregnenolone 20 Grams Powder---$10.90

Pregnenolone 100 Grams Powder--$39.50


Silymarin 80% (Milk Thistle Extract)


Silaymarin 80% (Milk Thistle) -- 100 grams - $11.00

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC has been difficult to acquire as the manufacturer was backed up on producing it for awhile; this is probably because this item is very in demand and continues to have more and more articles written about it; and explaining its many benefits. It is the best source of choline out there. More info coming soon. Check out our low prices!

Alpha GPC 50 Grams -- $21.99

Alpha GPC 150 Grams -- $53.50


Spirulina -- Super green food. Many interesting properties to this "wonder food".


Spirulina 250 Grams -- $5.90





















Items coming very soon:

Oxiracetam,, homozon, rhodiola rosea, Alpha GPC,chocamine more



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We are working on acquiring ,pramiracetam,korphedon please let us know if there is something else you're looking for or if you want any item in bulk quantities.

If you have a product you'd like us to carry or something you'd like to have in bulk quantities; please email me - If you want any of the items that are coming soon in bulk amounts; drop me an email and we will put that item at the top of our list and have it for you within 2-3 weeks.

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