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Prices offers the lowest prices on the net on all the products we carry; if you can find a lower price on any of the products we carry; We will beat the price of the company who you list and then give you a good amount extra for free; just email Us with a URL of the company who offers it and you will get at least as good of a price as them and extra from us for free!  All products have COA (certificate of analysis) available on them and we have submitted most of our products to Integrated Bio Molecule for independent testing purposes. Any customer who wants to test one of our products via an independent lab service we will be glad to give you store credit for any costs associated with you having the tests done. The only difference between our aniracetam and the stuff that costs $44.95 for 15grams is the price; We are willing to bet that ours is of higher quality then the more expensive stuff and if you'd like to test both of them; we will give you store credit for the costs of the tests.


SMI2LE.BIZ offers fast cheap worldwide shipping.  All orders over $50 ship free.  We ship worldwide; orders to countries besides the U.S. are shipped out via priority air mail service (4-6 days) and shipping is just USD-20 no matter how big your order is.

Payment and Ordering has a secure order process and accepts all major credit cards as well as paypal. We also accept checks/money orders, COD (US Only) and orders over the phone. also accepts Free Market Money including Pecunix, e-gold and 1mdc! Free market money is not tied to governments and central banks; and smi2le believes that you learning about and using it is certainly more important then voting!


SMI2LE is getting in new products every day; check back to our site and see more.

We only stock the best stuff of the highest quality; chances are if we stock it; it is a supplement worth experimenting with; we suggest using google or medline to learn more about the stuff we offer; if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me. We try to respond to all email quickly

30 grams -- $10.70
70 500mg Capsules $17.99
120 grams -- $37.50
90 capsules (35mg picamilon 350mg aniracetam 185mg phosphadityl choline 35%) $29.99

60 grams -- $29.99
180 grams --$69.99

60 grams -- $32.99
240 grams-- $119.99
400 grams-- $179.99

15 Grams -- $9.50
50 grams -- $24.99
75 capsules 50mg picamilon and 90mg l-theanine $17.99
90 capsules 35mg picamilon 350mg aniracetam 185mg phosphadityl choline 35% $29.99

40 grams--$29.99
120 grams--$79.99
75 capsules 140mg pure r-ala per capsule $13.99
225 capsules 140mg pure r-ala per capsule $36.99

15 Grams -- $8.99
60 grams -- $24.99
150 grams -- $49.99

30 grams -- $14.99
200 grams -- $69.99

Buy one get one free!
25 grams--$54.99
10 Grams--$24.99
60 50mg Idebenone 490mg Aniracetam capsules--$24.99
75 capsules 140mg Idebenone (pure no fillers) $29.99

30 grams -- $19.99

Phosphadityl Serine 50%
40 grams -- $33.99
120 grams -- $89.99

300 grams -- $19.99

Choline Bitartrate
250 grams -- $5.49

300 grams -- $12.99
1200 grams -- $34.99

Vinpocetine w/ Vitamin C
400 10mg doses 40 Grams -- $18.25

400 grams -- $8.99

Coral Calcium
250 Grams -- $9.50

454 Grams -- $8.99

20 Grams -- $11.90
80 Grams -- $38.50

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)
150 Grams -- $9.60


Aniracetam, Picamilon, Phosphadityl Choline.

90 capsules---(350mg Aniracetam,185mg phosphadityl choline,35mg picamilon per capsule)

We will soon be offering several more nootropic formulas; Check back to the website regularly.

CUSTOM FORMULAS will soon be offering custom formulas of all the products we sell, check back to our website regularly to see what new products we offer.

Oxiracetam,, Alpha GPC, MSM, homozon,vitamin c, Sulbutiamine,benfotiamine ,more


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SMI2LE is currently seeking funds to expand our inventory and purchase more equipment. If you would like benefits; such as free smart drugs and extremely high interest rates and the ability to cash out anytime by buying stuff from our site/store. Please contact me. We could really use the help and would be very grateful to all who invest with us.


Evolution can be accelerated. Individual Freedom is the key to evolution. Evolution can not be stopped no matter how hard they try. Think for yourself, question authority, order now from and accelerate your evolution.  

Artificial Intelligence is an oxymoron. It's like "military intelligence".


If someone is against you increasing your intelligence; then who/what are they for?


The Purpose of life is to smile.


In 2004 Out-Caste agents started circulating the rumor that Intelligence was the most important factor in human life.

They said: "What else do you value? Love? Virtue? Money? Power? Freedom? Truth? All of these can be enhanced by increasing intelligence. A failure to increase intelligence can only diminish our ability to obtain and enjoy those goods."

Out-Caste Agents distributed bumper stickers saying: INTELLIGENCE IS THE ULTIMATE APHRODISIAC.



SMI2LE MISSION STATEMENT: To accelerate evolution (improve life) by increasing intelligence and individual freedom.   We do this by offering the best tools we can find for improving the individual human brain and making it happier, more creative and more intelligent.  We offer this to as many people as possible by giving people rock-bottom prices on these tools. believes that if the tools are spread money will come our way; if we get greedy someone else will take our place.  The bigger we grow the market; the better prices we can offer;

 is dedicated to offering value in the smart drug,nutrient,vitamin,nootropic marketplace.  Rather then hype basically worthless products; like say the much more popular sites like brainquicken and focusfactor do and sell to as many of the masses as we can; we are more interested in the savvy customer. We aim to attract the savvy customer who knows what he's buying and knows all the other suppliers prices. Someone who wants the best value and does some of the research themselves.  Someone who can use the internet and search engines.  Someone who knows the difference between something that has money behind it and something that has value behind it.    Someone who would rather be more intelligent then more cool. Someone who IS more cool.  That's the demographic we're aiming for. And for the few lame who somehow find us; we will make them savvy with all our information, suggestions and of course the smart drugs should help.

It's our belief we can make more money selling the truth and offering the best value; then just promoting products in order to maximize profits.

The truth is that smart drugs/nootropics can work and can work in amazing ways if combined in the right amounts; with the right diet/exercise etc. Intelligence CAN be increased; and if someone is against you increasing your intelligence; then who/what are they for?

We are in business to help you with the most important thing in the universe. If you could double your intelligence through something we sell; how much would you pay for it? $5000 a day? $10,000? too much? If you had enough money to afford it; and you didn't buy it; you'd be stupid.

Did I mention we're looking for investors?

But what about all the products that are out there already competing for your "smart drug dollar". Well; they all pretty much suck.

There are some ok products by themselves that are available; but there are no combination products that are any good. The ones by themselves usually cost a good bit of money; and then to get the full "upgrade" you have to purchase 3-4 other products which also cost a good bit of money; attempts to combine them together usually result in a sub-par product do to the manufacturer skimping on the quality(expensive) ingredients.  Or maybe they just don't know what to put in them.  Our main goal with this business is to have several custom formulas of nootropics/nutrients that work really well and cost the same as the bulk powder forms if you searched the net for low prices on them.  If you are particular; and don't want one of our formulas it will be very easy to make your own custom combination formula and have it put in capsules.  Although we want to make money; we're looking to bring the costs of smart drugs down; so that a great custom formula can be had/tried for pennies a day..we believe that this market should be at least 1000x it's current size; and we're just the company to make it happen. Our mission is to accelerate evolution by increasing intelligence and individual freedom. We also plan to make a living doing it.

We are currently small; but are putting in the effort/time and energy into making this business successful.


SMI2LE.BIZ Details

Email me--Mike with any questions; problems,etc.--

We have gotten in some good capsule making equipment and are in the process of adding everything in capsules and allowing people to make custom combinations of capsules/powders. This should all be ready sometime in November. We appreciate your interest in reading about us. We are currently located in NJ, USA. Which is where your package will be shipped from.

You can call me if you have any additional questions -- 856-652-9118

2087 S. Shore Road #137
Ocean View, NJ 08230





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